15 purrrrfect cat Halloween costumes that your cat will hate as much as you hated that pun.

Dressing up your pet in a Halloween costume is not just for dog people anymore. Cats are totally chill and love it when you cram them into a costume that restricts their vision and movement.

1. Frankenstein.

“Actually, it’s Frankenstein’s monster.

2. A lobster.

If you eat a lot of fish, karma will come back to haunt you.

3. A chicken.

He barely even has any costume on at all and he still looks mad.

4. A waiter.

“I recommend the lobster, or the chicken.”

5. A penguin.

You can see the shame even through those tiny eyeholes.

6. Nyancat.

Internet loves cats, but do cats love Internet?

7. Nibbler from “Futurama.”

Your cat thinks he’s as important as Nibbler actually is.

8. A deep-sea diver.

The oxygen tank. 

9. Star-Lord.

Starring the cat from Purrks and Recreation.

10. A racehorse.

Winner of the Cat Triple Crown of sleeping, eating, and sleeping some more.

11. Cthulhu.

Aw, such adorably unspeakable horrors!

12. A pirate.

If your cat has one eye, you pretty much have to.

13. Totoro.

The best cat costumes are the ones that the cat isn’t aware of.

14. A jack-o-lantern.

Stem included.

15. The Cat in the Hat.

I don’t get it.


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