Corny dad shares the adorably wacky excuse notes he writes for his kids when they’re late to school.

Seth GreenKing (whoops!), a dad from Harriman, Utah, has been sending more and more elaborate notes to excuse his kids’ lateness at school, and now he has an Instagram account, so lord help them all. This dad thinks he’s so cute, which is the very essence of quality dad humor. Everyone knows the kids are late because of how long it takes you to write these crazy notes, sir.

GreenKing told KSL why he subjects his children to handing in these bizarrely hashtag-laden missives:

It has been a fun way for us to let people know not to take life too seriously, and let my kids know that I want them to be on time — if I can persuade them to be on time by embarrassing them in a social situation without causing them too much trauma psychologically. Life is too short to be taken seriously.

He also admits his teenagers aren’t as fond of the notes as his children in elementary school. Surprise, surprise. You know, better to have a dad be too involved with his children’s education than not involved, even if it’s pretty embarrassing for everybody. Here are a few examples of the Excuse Novel this dad is slowly writing:

GreenKing even shares some of the ways he manages to annoy his kids without getting their teachers involved:


Sources: Late Notes | h/t KSL

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