Couple uses miracle of adoption to shock a new grandma who didn’t know it was coming.

 You’re numb. You need a reminder on what it is like to have the capacity for emotion, and the value of family and love. Luckily, there’s a viral video of a woman being surprised with a granddaughter that will help you like life again.

Laura Dell and her husband Josh never anticipated that the adoption process would go so quickly that they could surprise people with a tiny human. The couple go approved by an adoption agency and had their baby girl in their arms just three weeks later. They decided tosurprise the baby’s new grandma, Laura’s mom Sharon Bloomingdale, by stopping by her office the day they received their baby.

“After the video ended, she walked around the office with Ellie and told everyone, ‘When I came to work this morning, I wasn’t a grandma and now I am,'” Laura said.

“It’ll be great for Ellie to see the video when she grows up and know that grandma loved her even before she got to know her,” Sharon adds.

Aaaaaaaaaaaw! You may now return to your mundane Monday.

Sources: h/t Huffington Post

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