Gwen Stefani’s marriage ended because Gavin Rossdale pulled a Ben Affleck.

Gwen Stefani reportedly ended her marriage with Gavin Rossdale after learning he was having an affair with the nanny. The affair, with their longtime nanny Mindy Mann, is said to have lasted three years. Apparently Gavin went with the Ben Affleck method, which is certain to get you busted and result in more tabloid headlines. The reason he got caught was because the family iPad was synced with his iPhone, which had incriminating texts and pictures with the nanny. It seems like Gavin just hurriedly agreed to whatever prompts Apple gave him when setting up a new device, just like everyone else does.

One of the other nannies discovered the messages, and then informed Gwen. It’s the right thing to do, and also a certifiable way to cement your status as the trustworthy nanny that won’t sleep with the husband. The guilty nanny was of course fired, and she’s going to have to find another line of work in Los Angeles. She’d have a tough time hiding her past or getting a letter of recommendation from her previous employer.

When everything was Zen.

Gwen has already moved forward with her life, and recently confirmed her relationship with Blake Shelton. With a new man and a successful career on The Voice, it sounds like she’s coming out on top from this mess.

Sources: Us Weekly

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