L.A. Dog Owner Takes Pet for Plastic Surgery, Says “It Was Time for Him to Get Something Done”


Forget about people being self-conscious about their appearance…animals apparently are now dealing with the stresses of not living up to social standards of beauty.

That’s right. One dog owner in Los Angeles felt so sorry for her dog that she took him to a special surgeon, who asked to remain anonymous, to help make her pooch more handsome. Sarah Pinkerton-Smith reveals to E! News that her dog, Snooky, endured constant teasing from other animals, so she decided to take action.

“I always thought he was such a handsome pup, but he was teased so relentlessly for so many years,” she dishes to us. “And to be honest, it was time for him to get something done. Thankfully Hollywood had a solution.”

Snooky’s owner also won’t give up the doctor’s information for fear that he could face backlash from those who don’t agree with her choice even though she feels the outcome of his surgeries, which included a neck and eye lift as well as an ear adjustment, made it worthwhile.

“I signed a non-disclosure agreement with the doctor who worked on Snooky,” she admits. “He doesn’t want to be mentioned due to the possibility of unwanted attention, but as you can tell from his work, he’s the best of the best.”

Pinkerton-Smith, who admittedly has had a little nip-tuck to alter her own appearance, tells us that Snooky has been living a much happier life since putting her dog under the knife.

“He can’t walk by a mirror without looking at his reflection and growling,” she says before adding, “Just like me!”

Even though the recovery process was “very long,” she says she made sure Snooky was as comfortable as possible at home while he healed. She even treated him to some special surprises!

“When Snooky came home I made sure he was super comfortable and had lots of new toys,” she says. “I made sure he was taken care of.”


Even though Pinkerton-Smith could face a ton of backlash for putting her dog through this kind of elective treatment, she stands by her decision. “I did this for Snooky and no one else,” she explains. “I could tell he wasn’t confident and I wanted to help him. There’s a pep in his step and a spark in his bark. He is happy.”

Pinkerton-Smith isn’t the only one willing to Fido under the plastic surgery knife. Chip, a mini-Schnauzer, is the proud owner of Neuticals AKA testicular implants for dogs, while Kaiser, a Doberman, received ear implants to make them less floppy.

Animal rights groups were not available to comment.

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