Mom mercilessly mocked at Tim Horton’s pays it back with selfless act of kindness.

When Dianne Hoffmeyer tried to get Timbits with her baby, a bunch of Michigander gossip queens behind her in line thought it would be fun to make fun of her. Calling her a whale and making dumb jokes like “Does the whale need to get back to the water?”, these rude ladies desecrated the good name of Tim Horton’s. As the preeminent Canadian coffee provider, Timmy Ho’s should be all about being polite when you get an Ice Capp and two Timbits for a toonie. Hoffmeyer, whom they called a “Retarded Lard [expletive],” decided not to seek revenge and instead demonstrated the true spirit of Timmy’s, setting an example for her daughter by paying for the assholes’ coffees.

According to WXYZ, Hoffmeyer’s original Facebook post said the following:

“To the 2 mean bitter ladies that were standing in line at Tim Hortons in Fort Gratiot behind me. I could hear you. I could hear the hurtful things you said about me. Sorry that my hair needs to be re-colored and the roots bothered you,but I have children that need to be taken care of. They come first. You both were right when you said I didnt need the small box of tim bits because I already looked… like a whale. Just so you know they were not for me. But for my sick 22 month old daughter who has kept me up all night crying and teething. I thought they might make her happy,yes I set aside the fact that they are not healthy because I wanted her to smile. You both made me cry. Then when I ordered a coffee that I RARELY get to treat myself to you both snickered and called me a “Retarded Lard [expletive]” I’ll have you know I’ve worked hard to lose 177 lbs in 22 months. I am proud of myself. You both should be ashamed of yourselves. But to show that my mother raised me better, I’d like to say YOUR WELCOME. Because this “Fat Retarded Lard [expletive]” paid it forward and I bought your coffee’s this morning.”

Props to this Michigan mom for getting her revenge the Canadian way.

Sources: WXYZ

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