The last living 9/11 rescue dog returned to New York to be treated to the best day of her life.

Bretagne (pronounced “Brittany”) is the last known living search and rescue dog who was deployed on 9/11.

Bretagne and her owner/handler Denise Corliss are part of Texas Task Force One, a federal team that works under FEMA’s national search and rescue program. They mainly work in the state of Texas, but can be deployed elsewhere. Basically, they’re those people you see rappelling from helicopters like total badasses and saving people from disasters. In order to honor their work and celebrate Bretagne’s 16th birthday, BarkBox (a subscription-based delivery service for dog treats and toys) teamed up with various New York City organizations to treat Bretagne, Denise, and Denise’s husband Randy to a day on the town. They check in at a fancy hotel, visit Times Square (where Bretagne is displayed on a big LCD monitor), and are given the “bone to the city” at Hudson River dog park. It’s a pretty bittersweet video that will instantly make you a dog person.

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