Watch the awkward moment Tom Hardy shuts down a reporter who asks him about his sexuality

The awkward moment a reporter tries to ask Tom Hardy about his sexuality - and is shut down
So not impressed (Picture: TIFF/YouTube)

Tom Hardy threw some serious shade at a reporter when he tried to ask him about his sexuality during a press conference.

The actor, 37, was promoting his new gangster film, Legend, at Toronto Film Festival when the line of questioning took a more personal turn.

A journalist from LGBT site Daily Xtra asked: ‘In the film, your character Ronnie is very open about his sexuality.

‘But given interviews you’ve done in the past, your own sexuality seems a bit more ambiguous. Do you find it hard for celebrities to talk to media about their sexuality?’

Unimpressed Hardy replied: ‘What on earth are you on about?’

By this time the reporter seemed to be getting a little flustered but continued: ‘I was wondering if you find it difficult for celebrities to talk about their sexuality.’

Hardy hit back: ‘I don’t find it difficult for celebrities to talk about their sexuality.’

Getting to the point, he asked: ‘Are you asking me about my sexuality?’

Bemused too (Picture: TIFF/YouTube)
Bemused too (Picture: TIFF/YouTube)

He awkwardly answered: ‘Sure’

‘Why?’ Hardy asked looking baffled.

As he struggled to come up with a reply, the actor promptly cut him off by thanking him.

The journalist was referring to an interview Hardy did in 2008 with Attitude magazine where he talked about his sexuality.

He said: ‘I’ve played with everything and everyone. But I’m not into men sexually. I love the form and the physicality but the gay sex bit does nothing for me.’


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