DIY: Spa day in your own home

You have an upcoming event you desperately need to look amazing for, but not enough funds to actually go to a spa center for a day of relaxation and beauty treatments? No problem, because you can do it in your own house, and we will make one just for you.

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Hair: To make your hair soft and shiny, there is a simple hair treatment you can make in your own kitchen, which will make your hair feel and look amazing. All you need is a bowl, a bit of mayo, olive oil if you have it,  a bit of milk, and a bit of yeast. You can add up vinegar for the shine, or a cup of beer, and mix it all up together. Put the mixture on your hair and keep it there for approximately 30 minutes, and then wash it off a couple of times using your regular shampoo, to get the smell out of your hair. You can put your usual hair mask after the wash, just to make combing your hair easier.

Body scrub: Take out coffee grinds from coffee maker or french press and put them in a bowl. Add some salt (for one cup of coffee grinds, add 1/2 cup of salt). If you plan on using this scrub just on your body, you can add up some milk and honey, and if you also plan on using it for a face scrub, you should definitely add a bit of lemon juice, to make your skin glow. This scrub will make your skin look firm, and feel soft and look amazing. Mix it all together. Have a hot shower (the hotter, the better, because the steam would open up your pores so the scrub will work better), and massage the scrub gently in your skin. Rinse it off, and have a normal hot shower afterwards. We strongly advice that you use body lotion after this, to make your skin smooth and shiny and make it hydrated.

Face mask: First off, clean your facial skin nicely, and use the warmest water you can handle to do so. Next step is using the body scrub you made on your face too. It will make your skin glow, and make it firm. If you are not big on facial masks, we advice that you take your normal hydrating cream and just put a lot of it on your face and let it stay there for a while, and then rinse it off with cold water. However, if you feel like making your own mask, we would advice that you take one egg, and just separate the white from yoke and mix it until it turns to foamy substance. You put that foam on your face with gentle moves and let it dry. Then, rinse it well using cold water and put your normal moisturizer on.

Teeth: To make your teeth a shade or two whiter, you need to put some baking soda mixed with a few drops of lemon juice on your toothbrush and massage it gently into your teeth. Let it stay for a few minutes, and then brush your teeth using your usual toothpaste.

You will notice the effects immediately, and you will feel and look amazing. It’s definitely worth a try.

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