How to Clean A Mattress with Baking Soda


Mattresses are on the receiving end of dead skin cells, sweat, stains, dust mites, and all manner of lovely things. Despite linens and mattress pads, you still need to periodically clean the thing you sleep on every night. If you’ve ever seen a documentary about what’s lurking in your mattress, you probably won’t go to sleep anytime soon. Here is an easy home DIY solution to clean and fresh up your mattress:

Supplies you need:

  • a cup of baking soda
  • four to five drops of lavender oil (or other essential oil you prefer)
  • a jar with lid
  • a vacuum

Combine the ingredients in a sealed jar and shake well. Sift the mix over the mattress (Above mix can cover half of a King Bed). Leave for an hour in order to give time to the ingredients of the mixture to draw out the dirt and moisture. Then vacuum it clean. Lavender oil is great choice for sleep promotion and stress release, you can use tea tree oil or other essential oil you love.


Learn More details via the link: How To Clean and Freshen Your Mattress Via One Good Thing by Jillee

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