How to: Make amazing curls.

No need to go to a hairdresser, you can totally DIY!!!

We all have those days when we just need and want to be gorgeous. Sometimes, it just takes a little change to feel like it. When I want to make that change, and keep my looks fresh, I usually go with curls, because honestly, there is so much more than just a hairstyle when you go with curls. That’s why I decided to share all my curly ways with you…

Red Carpet or as I like to call them Catherine Pierce curls are definitely my favorite hair style. They’re glamorous, wild, cute and amazingly sexy at the same time, and they totally fit everyone. The bad thing is that you have to have long hair to make them. But if you have short hair, you can pull out a Marilyn Monroe hairstyle using this technique.

This is what you’ll get:


This is how to do it:

First of, make your hair wet. You can wash it or you can spray it with some liquid conditioner, but it needs to be half-wet. Take a handful of hair mousse and massage it evenly into your hair, beginning from edges. Wait a few minutes and then then comb your hair well, until it stops being sticky.

Take a headband and put it on your hair. Make sure all the hair is inside. Now, take a lock of hair and pull it trough the headband. Make it tight, for better effect. Repeat that multiple times, until your lock is fully wrapped around the headband. Do that to the whole hair (if you’re doing it the first time, it seems like a lot of time and job. Once you get into the routine, it will take approximately 10 minutes to do the hair). Once you’re done, take a hair dryer and using the minimum speed and maximum for the warmth, dry your hair using slow movements, so it doesn’t fall out of headband.  If you have the time, don’t dry it completely, just keep it warm. If not, dry it completely, take the headband off,  and if you feel like it, just put your fingers in the roots and shake your hair a bit, to give it some volume. If you can, spend the night with headband on, and do the rest in the morning, so the curls will stay perfect longer.

If you have short hair, use the tighter headband and make sure you don’t keep it on longer than an hour, (I would go with 20min-30min period for the hair to get shaped), and be careful not to comb it.


Have fun, get your curls on!


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