A little girl had to wear an eyepatch to fix a lazy eye. Her dad turned it into awesomeness.

Man, now I wish I was born with a cataract.

Teething Mutant Ninja Turtle. (via u/Gfgubb)

For many young children, having to wear an eyepatch to prevent or correct a “lazy” eye is a surefire way to feel isolated and different, But for Layla, this adorable little zergling and daughter of redditor Gfgrubb, being born with a small cataract in her right eye was a chance for her dad to make her feel and look cool in new ways every day.

Ok, I’ll be honest, this one terrifies me. In a cool way. (via u/Gfgubb)

The eyepatch is worn over her “strong” eye for a few hours a day, forcing her brain to rely upon and strengthen the “weak” one. It also means Gfgrubb is forced (out of love and being a good dad) to hone his drawing skills finding a new illustrations for the patch every single day.

“Hewwo, my name is nostalgia. I have no idea what it means yet.” (via u/Gfgubb)

So, in a true case of lemons being turned into lemonades, what was once an opportunity for embarrassment has turned into what I can only assume is a parade of strangers stopping to comment on how incredibly cool Layla is.

Dad or dad not, there is no try. (via u/Gfgubb)

Here’s the full album Gfgrubb posted yesterday:

And the album he posted a few months ago when the process started.

And here’s their Instagram page.

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