Feel Safe As A Woman On A Night Out With This App

For women, the ‘safely home!’ text is just something that we all have to do.

Because even the simple act of walking home after dark is just too dangerous.

But while letting your friends and family know when you’ve made it home helps everyone sleep a little easier, it doesn’t offer much help if something actually does happen.

That’s where Companion comes in, a new app which lets you virtually accompany your friends as they walk home.

Here’s how it works. Anyone who’s worried about walking home can use the app to choose ‘companions’ – people in their phone-book who they can choose to track their location as they walk home.

Once the person reaches home, their companions will be automatically notified.

companion app alexis lets you virtually walk your friends home at night
The app notifies your friends when you reach home (Picture: Youtube/Companion)

The app lets you contact your companions, or the police, with just one tap, making it easier to quickly get help it anything goes wrong.

Plus, if you start running, have their headphones pulled out of your ears, or your phone drops to the ground, the app will do a quick check in to see if you’re okay. If you don’t respond in 15 seconds, the app alerts your companions.

Does it suck that walking home at night is something we even have to worry about? Yes. But this app might make it a little easier.


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