Are you feeling blue today?

Make blue work for you!

Never let a cold day (or feeling of sadness) stop you from looking amazing. Blue is always in, and we’re going to go trough two blue and brown outfits that are perfect for a girl who wants to bring some color in her gray cold days.



First combination is made out of a pair of tight blue ripped skinny jeans, which are always in and make your legs look a bit longer, and a turquoise sweater with cute pattern that follows the body line perfectly, so you actually can show what you’ve got, while staying warm. We added up some brown combat boots to make the look a bit more edgy, and a leather coat lined with fur in the same color, but a bit darker shade, just to spice things up and make you look even more girly, by highlighting your waste line. Of course, you need to get a cute purse, and since it’s all about the patterns when it comes to accessories, we went with a purse with flower pattern and leather shoulder strap in the same shade of brown as the jacket and boots. Trow some round sunglasses on, and you’ll get a movie star effect immediately.

Where to buy?

Sweater: H&M, £15

Jeans: NewLook £12

Boots: LuLu’s $99

Jacket: Danier $499

Purse: Accessorize $82


The second combination is similar to the first one, we went with the same colors but a bit less patterns, for a girl who likes clean, pattern free outfit. We went with the same pair of combat boots, a textured braided leather and chain wrap bracelet in the same color, a classic brown leather purse with small golden details, and a comfortable fluffy turquoise sweater. Blue jeans are a must, but we picked out a pair of high-wasted bleached skinny jeans, so your body line still shows, even though your sweater doesn’t show it. With some interesting details like this set of necklaces and sunglasses, your combination is complete and completely perfect.

Where to buy?

Boots: LuLu’s $99

Purse: ModCloth $65

Belt: Calypso St.Barth $49

Jeans: Only £27

Sweater: Chick Wish $51

Both outfits are great for many different occasions: you can wear them to school, college classes, even to work. They are perfect for long walks, or coffee and shopping trips with your friends. You can even wear them on a date, if you want to make an impression that you are a good girl.  And of course, the combination of blue and brown always makes a classy combination. Both of the combinations would make you look amazing, while keeping you warm. So, if you’re feeling blue or feeling like wearing blue, make blue work for you!


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