be a lady, dress like a boy!

I’m just going to start this one with a video, to set your mind in the right position to pull out this look perfectly. So, it would be amazing if you actually listen to the song, but if not… Well, guess I’ll be okay with that too.

Now, let’s pull up the pants like ‘em!


The style we picked out for you is comfortable, cute, and amazing for a sunday walk when you just want to relax, and take the pressure off. Last night you were wearing high heels and your feet (not to mention the rest of the body) probably hurts, so we chose flat leather ankle-high sneakers and we went with white ones, because they look great, so you can rest your body and release the pressure. You were probably wearing something tight and sexy, so we went with ripped blue baggy  boyfriend jeans which look cool, but feel even better than they look, and a plain white top to go with the jeans. You can let the top fall over the jeans, or if you feel like showing your curves, you can always tuck it in the jeans (maybe even the shirt, too?) and put some belt on, to make your lines show a bit more. Next we picked out blue and beige checked shirt, to complete the boyish look we were going for. We also picked out a white leather backpack, which looks amazing with the shoes, and you can put a bunch of stuff (like water for your hangover and maybe some make up, if you decide to wear it later in the day). We would go with a messy bun and a neutral make up for this look, and you can accessorize, but don’t go too far with it.

This look is amazing because it is comfy, you can wear it in school, for the walks, and you will look chick and amazing, and also a bit edgy. Most of the celebrities wear stuff like this lately, so we’re giving you a preview of their boy style.

eva mendes

Eva Mendes pulled a similar look perfectly…

sienna miller

Or you can add some sunglasses to the look, like Sienna Miller…

all them

Or add some heels, or a top like Rihanna…


Just pick your combination, and enjoy looking like a boy. But don’t forget, you still need to act like a lady.


Where to buy?

Jeans: Rag & Bone, $220

Top: Rag & Bone, $130

Shirt: Steven Alan, $132

Back pack: Aldo, $85

Sneakers: Converse, $310

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