Here come a whole bunch of brides in hilariously horrible dresses.

Weddings are a special time to gather your friends and family together so they can make fun of the ugly dress you picked. Everyone holds their breath as the bride enters and parades down the aisle in her—what the f*ck fabric is that? Plastic garbage bag?—dress. You’ll never forget this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to criticize someone you love and her excessive cleavage while she’s too distracted to notice it. If you just can’t wait for your next wedding invitation, check out these fantastically awful dresses to tide yourself over.

Yeah we get it. Hearts. Love. You love him. (via)

Part wedding dress, part guide to a successful wedding night. (via)

All that extra fabric can get very expensive. (via)

In case you forgot why we’re all gathered here today… (via)

This is actually how they always dress. (via)

We can still see you, Mama June. (via)

The first dance was a bit awkward. (via)

Who needs a tent? (via)

That divorce probably still cost less than the original dress. (via)

She’s wearing all white to maintain her squeaky clean image. (via)

Thank goodness she’s wearing that modest veil. (via)

For some people, a wedding is just an opportunity to break another record. (via)

He was a pastry chef. She was a pile of cream puffs. It was love at first sight. (via)

She’s been eating tons of cake to fit into this dress. (via)

The original Snuggie. (via)

On the other hand, why risk wearing a dress when people like us will just make fun of it?

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