One piece, two completely different styles?

Absolutely possible, absolutely amazing.

Let’s do something different- you need to travel, or spend a few days away, and are in a desperate need to pack light, but at the same time want to look fabulous? No problem- let us introduce you to style-shifting. You can actually take one pair of jeans, or a blouse, and make two completely different outfits for completely opposite occasions: let us begin. Our choice is the same pair of skinny jeans, and we intentionally took the color which is not as easy to combine as it seems, so we can show you two different styles which this jeans are used in.


The first look is a laid-back, casual outfit that you can wear for the trip, or walks around the new city, or shopping, or basically any occasion that doesn’t ask formality from you. It is made out of wine colored denim skinny jeans, a  beige sweater with cutout cowl back with strap, and a pair of  tan laced flat shoes, and a tan leather purse that is similar to a shopping bag, so you can fit all your stuff in it (like tooth-brush, make up, hair products etc.). We decided to go with round Lennon sunglasses for this look, to make a laid-back effect for this style.

Where to buy?

Sweater: TheOutnet £130

Jeans:French Connection $50

Purse: Maison Margiela $823

Sunglasses: 80’s Purple $12


For the second combination we went with same pair of denim jeans, but we completely altered their look to something fancy and stylish. We have chosen a nude pink jumper featuring round neck, long sleeve styling,and a gridding hollow design, which we shaped up a bit using white long sleeve zipper button down blouse, and a pair of nude pink suede mid height ankle  boots. We added up a white leather envelope clutch, a silver set of necklaces and a pair of big sunglasses, to glam it up just a bit. As you can see, this style will make you look all preppy and ready for any business meeting or a date, using the same pants we used to make you look laid-back and comfortable. All it takes is to have a little imagination, and you can do this with basically any piece of wardrobe you have.

Where to buy?

Sweater: ROMWE  $64

Blouse: Marissa Collections $250

Clutch: My Wardrobe $400

Shoes: Wolf And Badger £216

To make a conclusion: you don’t need Carrie Bradshaw’s closet to make yourself look amazing, you just need to be a bit creative and use what you already own to make yourself gorgeous. Remember, highlight the good parts, hide the ones you don’t like. Make bold combinations. Choose colors, because they always make a combination interesting. Play with patterns. But always stay yourself- because it is your style, which reflects your personality, and should always make a statement.

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