Pop star vs. Rock star?

Which one would you choose?

Do you know about those days when you just get up from bed, and feel fabulous, and you want to look in that manner but you can’t decide if you should go with pop star or a rock star look? Or you have a party, and your crush is going to be there, and you want to get his attention, but you can’t quite figure out what to wear? Those days are not a problem at all- because you have us. Today we picked out an outfit for a rock star, and an outfit for a pop princess, and both would make you look and feel fabulous- just remember, your beauty is on the inside!outfit9

The first combination we picked is a rock star combination. We went with classics when it comes to rock, leather, black color, and chains etc. So, the central piece of the combination would definitely be this perfect pair of high-wasted stretch leather trousers which would make your legs look toned and your booty would be the star of the party (no, we’re not kidding. They are that awesome!). And of course, if we’re putting a spotlight to your lower parts, you need heels. If possible, colorful heels, which would be noticed and we picked this pair of red (because you’re going sexy, red is always option number one for sexy) suede high heels with open toes and amazing design. Next would be this silk white blouse, which we advice you to tuck in your pants, and make your curves show, and a leather biker vest with amazing rock and roll details, and we combined it with black leather purse with a zipper and a bit more of details which scream rock and roll. Of course, you can add some of your favorite necklaces and rings, and basically any jewelry you want, because it’s rock and roll, it has no boundaries! Feel amazing, look amazing, and don’t forget a tons of mascara and a red lipstick!

Where to buy?

Trousers: Balenciaga £995

Purse: Far Fetch £3,347

Heels: Bergdorf Goodman $337

Vest: Mode Kungen €175

Blouse: The Outnet $95



The second combination we’ve chosen for you is the pop star combination. You need to look fancy and girly and fabulous? We’re here for you! The central piece of this combination would be a classic little black dress (which by the way, every girl should own! It’s a timeless piece which is always in and always looks great), and the one we picked out for your pleasure is shaped in a way it makes your waste line look slimmer and your upper body a bit more noticeable. We’ve thrown in a brown leather belt on the dress to draw a little more attention to your waste and make it seem like a perfect 90-60-90 line. Next off, we picked a knee-long tan leather high-heeled boots and a short leather jacket in the same shade, so you don’t freeze even if it’s cold. And it looks great, too. The purse is a bit lighter shade of tan, and it has many details, which makes it more interesting. If you add up some sunglasses, you will look like you just run off the studio to grab a cup of coffee. Don’t forget to go easy on the make up, and to let your hair down, because pop star is all about glamour.

Where to buy?

Dress: H&M £8

Jacket: Mango $330

Heels: Style Bop $345

Purse: Monnier Freres £197

Sunglasses: Net O Porter $275

So, are you a pop star or a rock goddess?


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