14 Types Of Guy That Just Aren’t Worth Your Time

We’ve all been there; you’re interested in that one guy who you know is going to chop your heart into tiny pieces and leave you crying on your friends shoulder. Well girls, they just are not worth your time and ultimately they are the ones that lose out – they don’t get you!

1. The guy that ignores you when other girls are around. If they liked you then they would want to make it clear that you were theirs. No one likes to be ignored. Ever.

2. The guy that doesn’t know what he wants. There is nothing worse than a guy who doesn’t know what he wants. Mixed signals are not fun for anyone. We don’t want to guess if he likes us or not, we just want to know.

3. The guy who makes plans and then doesn’t follow through. If he didn’t want to be there he should have just said. Instead, you are once again ready for a plan that’s never going to happen.

4. The guy that doesn’t reply to your messages. If they aren’t replying they aren’t interested and if they suddenly text weeks later with a “sorry I’ve been busy” then they still aren’t interested – unless you want to be that booty call.

5. The guy that doesn’t make you feel beautiful. If they make you feel even the slightest bit insecure then they are not worth your time.

6. The guy that makes you cry. They are meant to be there to wipe your tears away, not create them.

7. The guy who never introduces you to his friends. He should want to show you off and want you and them to be friends. If he doesn’t let you meet them then it’s not a great sign.

8. The guy who wants it his way or no way. A little compromise doesn’t hurt anyone and if he doesn’t want to hear what you want then don’t waste your time. You’ll just end up unhappy.

9. The guy who gives the backhanded compliments. It’s really not a compliment when they say “You look good when you make the effort” or “You look hot when your hairs straight.” That’s great but no one wants to make the effort all the time.

10. The guys that don’t listen. Especially when it’s something important and they just haven’t listened to any of it.

11. The guy that flirts with other girls in front of you. It just provokes all sorts of insecure and jealous emotions that no one likes to feel.

12. The guy that always gets so drunk he can’t remember what he’s done. It’s annoying when you are there and he can’t remember spending time with you and its annoying when you aren’t there and he can’t remember if he was getting with someone else – it’s just annoying, full stop.

13. The guy with the giant ego. Confidence is sexy but that huge ego is not.

14. The bad boy. The guy who you know is not going to treat you well but has the super-hot bad boy image. Just don’t go there; it will save you a whole road of heartache, I promise.


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