Exes Got To Ask Each Other Seriously Honest Questions And S*** Got Real

Ali and Andrew were together for seven years before breaking up. Two years later after the split, “The And” Project brought them together for the ultimate honesty session. It’s brutally honest and awkward as hell. 

They talk about cheating – ‘hand stuff’ and ‘mouth stuff’ – and at one point talk about intimate memories that make your heart ache a little bit.

All the feels, right?

Especially when Ali starts crying and Andrew pulls the classic ‘I just made a girl cry’ face:

But, that wasn’t the end of the brual honesty, there’s a second half to the video. Ali starts listing off all the things she would warn his next girlfriend about, and boy, is it a long list…

As for the reason the film was created, “The And” project aims to explore relationships, communication, and how we connect to each other. A collaberation between marketing company Nerve and a project called The Skin Deep, it’s actually an interactive documentary. Nerve describes it quite accurately as: “a Choose Your Own Adventure-style film, but with less wizards and dragons and more brutal honesty and cheating confessions.”

Each visitor to the website will view a different short film — roughly a minute and a half long — based on answers to four questions posed at the beginning of the experience.

You can also watch each couple’s entire video, every couple’s answer to one question or access the questions so you can give it a try yourself.

Unfortunately, we asked the people of helloU HQ if they wanted to call up their ex and have a brutally honest chat with them.

No one volunteered.

Would you do this with your ex or current partner? Let us know in the comments

Check out the website here, and the second half of Ali and Andrews honesty-fest here.

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