How to: Survive a break up?

Your heart is broken, but your will is not supposed to be!

First off, break up doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. You need to realize that. It is a chance for a new beginning, for reinventing yourself, using the time you’ve got (and usually, it is a lot of free time, which you haven’t had in a while) to grow, and make yourself happy and satisfied for a change. Now you can go and visit all the friends you haven’t seen in a while, get in that salsa class you wanted to go to, but didn’t get the time, read that pile of books waiting on shelves… And it opens a whole new world of opportunities for you. You can actually put yourself first, AND YOU SHOULD.


Step one: Check yourself in the mirror. You need to get yourself together, and your self-esteem up. Make a list of all the stuff you like about your looks, and a list of all the stuff you want to change. Now is your chance to do it, because now you don’t need anyone’s approval. Then go and fix your make up. Do your hair. Dress up, be gorgeous to yourself. For yourself, not anyone else.

Step two: Call up some friends and get out of the house. Go grab a coffee. Talk, laugh, and just put your mind on other things. If they ask about your ex, just tell them that it is over and you don’t want or need to talk about it, and change the subject. Try to keep yourself busy.

Step three: Make a list of all the things you want to do, to feel better about yourself: don’t dive in chocolate, go to gym. Read some books, get into a dance class (even though you can’t dance, you will meet new people and get bad emotions out of your system). Do something you always wanted to do. List has to have at least 10 things on it, and you need to do all of them.

Step four: After doing all the steps given above, take a piece of paper. Write about how you are feeling now. Don’t go into past, just the current moment. Then do the step one again. Compare both lists. Do you see how much progress you’ve made?

By now, it should be a month or two after a break up, and you managed to survive it. You need to go out more, get out of your shell. Don’t drink, it’s not gonna make you feel better. Just talk to people, and don’t jump into dating again. That would be a big mistake, because you are not ready.

Just meet people, socialize and evolve yourself. Love yourself, and you will shine. Be happy. And remember, the break up is not always a bad thing, for you now, it is a motivation to be a better version of yourself each day. You will be okay. Time heals everything.

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