20 Little Things Men Do Which Always Make Us Happy

Most happily coupled off women will tell you that as well as being supportive, loving and hot as f*ck, they love how their other halves make them feel, especially with the little things they do. It may not seem like much, but it can make a world of difference.

1. Cooking for you. There’s nothing better than having a man say “sit down, have a glass of wine and I’ll make dinner.”

2. Playing with your hair. It sounds cliché, but it feels freaking awesome. And it’s super cute when they tuck it behind your ear. Just saying.

3. Putting his hand on your thigh in the car. No idea why this feels so lovely, but it does.

4. Asking how your friends are. It makes it seem like they care.

5. Hanging out with your friends. Even if he’s the only boy there, doing that makes us feel super special.

6. Forehead kisses. SO NICE.

7. Telling you you’re beautiful, out of nowhere. Or hot, or sexy, or pretty. We’ll take it, all of it.

8. Listening to your sh*tty problems. And pretending to know exactly who you’re on about and hate them too.

9. Bearing the pain of arm cramp and pins and needles to give you a good old snuggly-chest-cuddle. That’s dedication.

10. Asking you to hang out with his friends. And actually wanting you there. Because you’re hilarious, and cool. Yeah you are.

11. Giving you piggy back rides and picking you up in the kitchen and stuff. Women like to feel like they’re weightless, even after eating their own weight in pizza.

12. Letting you listen to terrible music in the car. Sometimes a girl’s just got to get her Aguilera on, and we’re grateful they don’t find it annoying (or say anything if they do).

13. Holding doors open. “See that? That was my underwear flying across the room.”

14. Making an effort with your family. Especially dads. That sh*t makes our hearts melt.

15. Giving you hoodies. And sweatpants, and underwear. Yeah, he’s not getting any of that back.

16. Texting you funny things or sending emails to your work addresses. It makes us feel special.

17. Buying you flowers when he knows you’ve had a crappy day. Or just at all. We generally like surprises.

18. When you meet his friends for the first time and they say they’ve heard so much about you. It’s nice to think you’re being bigged up!

19. Remembering your favourite things. “Did you just seriously remember the name of the band I loved when I was 13 because I told you a year ago? Upstairs. Right now.”

20. Last, but definitely not least, making sure you’re satisfied during sex. There is nothing sexier than a man who wants to please, and won’t stop until you’re done.

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