What makes Mr.Wrong drawn to you?

We're going to explain that to you.

Think back about all your past relationships: remember all the guys you used to date, and how they all turned from Prince Charming to the King of Frogs… and remember the feeling and the question: Where did it all go so wrong?

Your romance started off as any urban love story does: A girl and a boy meet each other, they go out a couple of times, realize they have so much in common, they kiss, they fall in love… Next thing you know, he had met all your friends, you even introduced him to your mom, and everything seems like he is The One, mr. Right… when everything goes in the wrong direction: you can’t stand those little flaws of his which you used to find so cute in the beginning, you yell at each other all the time, it seems like you can’t spend 10 minutes together, and you start falling apart, when it hits you: He was Mr.Wrong all along. And there comes the question: how did you manage to miss that in the beginning?

First off, you need to know that each person gets what he/she is looking for at the moment. The guy you’re dating right now is a guy you once wanted badly; you just didn’t look deep enough when you were getting to know him to see how things could go wrong.



The first thing a guy will notice is your looks: what you’re wearing, what your hair looks like, if your make up is natural and similar stuff. Yes, guys notice that. And yes, if you have too much make up, a bit too tight dress, or a huge cleavage, they’re not going to be interested in your personality, but would want to have sex with you. If you’re desperate for attention, they will notice, and they will take advantage of it.

Next thing they will notice is your attitude: the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you smile, and every single move you make gives a statement about who you are. So be yourself, if you want to find your soulmate. Guys don’t like girls who are fake, way too perky and who “are asking for it”. Once again, they would want to do you, but they wont try hard to meet you.

If you go trough the first and second impression, and make him interested in you, the hardest test is upon you: you have to pass the personality test. Every guy wants to have a girl who he can be himself around, he needs you to be his best buddy, and his lover at the same time. Deep inside, not a single man wants a bimbo blonde to be his wife. They want someone who they can talk to about their biggest fears, and who would make them a soup when they’re sick, and who would play games or watch a game with them while drinking beer. And they don’t mind you wearing sweatpants and having a messy bun while doing that.

So, if you want to attract the right kind of guy, just be yourself, and don’t settle for anything less than the one who notices you when you are yourself, and loves you for who you are. Just be yourself.



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